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Welcome to Janet Brotchie Ceramics.                                            
This is a website to illustrate my work so I hope you enjoy looking through the images. I try to keep it updated with photos of new pottery as pieces emerge from the kiln so please come back as there might be something new to interest you (new pots can be seen in the gallery under the "new work in the studio" heading). 
As promised I have added some images of new porcelain and stoneware pieces.  Again have a look under the heading "new work in the studio".
Back to the beginning then.... I make pots in stoneware and porcelain, because I love the processes of throwing, turning, decorating and glazing clay.  I find the process of throwing on the wheel almost a meditative experience as one has to be entirely focused on "right here, right now".  Every worry or preoccupation disappears. 
When decorating my pots, I am drawn to working in relief and using traditional motifs such as fish, bamboo, dragons, frogs and cranes (the birds that is, not tall machines!). I also love glazes and spend hours trying to create flowing effects with colour. Sometimes this is successful and on other occasions a disaster, but the process is always fun even if the outcome is sometimes unexpected.  I also love crackle glaze. It not only gives a piece a "lived in" look, but gives a different dimension to my pots. 
Last year I learnt about decals, or transfer printing.  I know a wonderful potter who uses decals a great deal and she showed me how to work with them.  It was great fun and opened up a whole new approach to decorating pots.  So my new line last year was the "Goldfish Bowl" collection, using decals of koi carp on a translucent green or water coloured glaze over bowl shapes in stoneware and porcelain.  

For 2018, I am reverting to using one of my favourite glazes, a very loose and runny white glaze with a mind of its own! When it behaves it produces a wonderful effect however I can never predict exactly what will emerge from the kiln! But see examples in the "new work in the studio" gallery.
Pots must be used, and I love the fact that pottery used in the home has an impact on a person's everyday life.  Looking at, touching and using an object that you regard as beautiful makes you happy.  Just think about drinking your tea or coffee from your favourite cup or mug....it makes a difference!
Thank you for looking.
Janet Brotchie
 PS Open Studios this year are on June 9-10th and 16-17th at ASC, 47-51 Hawks Road, Kingston KT1 3DF, do come and visit if you have the time!











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